ICA Awards

Each year the Iowa Communication Association acknowledges the achievements of its members with awards: The Iowa Communication Association Citation Award, the Outstanding New Teacher Award, the Outstanding Adjunct Teacher Award, the Westphal Top Student Paper, and Achievement in Speech Communication.

To recognize the excellent scholarship in our undergraduate and graduate programs in Iowa, the ICA Executive Board established a Top Student Paper Award in 2007. The top graduate and undergraduate paper are each honored at the convention with a cash award, certificate, membership in ICA, and publication of the top papers in the edition of the Iowa Journal of Communication. A fund has been established to support this award thanks to the generosity of Melissa Beall. This fund was renamed in 2009 as the Frank George Westphal Student Paper Award, Westphal's daughter and ICA member Yvonne Fielder will match funds donated to the ICA scholarship in 2009, up to $250. If you wish to contribute to the ICA Top Student Paper award fund, please contact us.


Outstanding New Teacher

Each year at the Awards Banquet during the annual conference in September, ICA recognizes a deserving faculty member who is in his or her first seven years of full-time teaching. Nominees do not need to be members of ICA to have their names submitted for the award. Self-nominations are accepted and can be a K-12 through college/university teacher. Although ICA encourages the recipient to attend the conference and banquet, it is not mandatory that the recipient attend. The recipient will receive banquet tickets for him/herself and a guest compliments of ICA. 

Outstanding Adjunct Faculty

The Iowa Communication Association shall recognize outstanding adjunct teachers in Iowa in disciplines that serve the interests of the Iowa Communication Association by awarding each year one or more "Outstanding Adjunct Teacher Awards." This award recognizes Adjunct faculty who have demonstrated effectiveness in teaching, which can be demonstrated through outstanding evaluations, innovative teaching strategies, exceptional learning standards, proof of student learning and service to the department. 

Citation Award

The Iowa Communication Association Citation Award is given each year to a recipient that has consistently demonstrated exceptional service to the communication and/or performing arts in Iowa over an extended period of time. It is the highest award the ICA can bestow.

Frank George Westphal Top Student Paper

At its 2009 annual conference, ICA presented the first-ever Frank George Westphal Top Student Paper Award, honoring lifelong learner and Coe College graduate Frank George Westphal Sr. 

Westphal was a strong proponent of an equal education for all people. Born in 1922, he was raised in a small farming community in Northern Illinois. He went on to Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where he was a starter on the Coe Basketball team. However, in 1941, he became partially disabled when his right hand was amputated in an industrial accident. At the time, a disabled person was looked upon with revulsion, disgust, and even superstition, Westphal recalled in a previous interview. Westphal challenged that notion head on, both in his personal and professional life. Despite the injury, he continued as a fiery point guard on the basketball team, graduated from Coe College with a BA in History, and went on to Northwestern University Law School. 

In 1950, after being personally recruited by Adlai Stevenson, Frank began working for the state of Illinois in the Vocational Rehabilitation Division. He founded the Illinois Rehabilitation Association, which exists to find employment for disabled persons and to help them return to leading productive lives. His love of learning (and a photographic memory) led him to a Master's degree in Guidance and Counseling, a certified diplomat of the American Psychotherapy Association, a licensed clinical professional counselor, and a certified social worker. Throughout his career, Frank helped thousands find jobs and inspired many others to persevere despite their limitations. After 57 years of service as a Rehabilitation counselor, he finally retired at the age of 83. Frank Westphal Sr. died in March 2009, leaving behind a legacy of inspiration and achievement. His quest for education ignited a spark in his nine children who now have doctorates, masters, and bachelor degrees. He also made sure that his 47grandchildren and 23 great-grandchildren have funds available for educational purposes. 

Because Westphal believed that education (and knowing how to communicate) was the key to success, it is most fitting to have established a scholarship fund in his name at the Iowa Communication Association. To make a donation, contact ICA.